MnSGC Affiliate Meeting Archive Oct. 17, 2020

Links to documents in the approximate order in which they were presented/mentioned
Demoz’s slides: Demoz_slides
Full HQ side deck (upon which Demoz’s slides are based): NASA_HQ_Fall_2020_Meeting_update_10-6-2020
NASA Strategy for STEM Engagement (booklet): nasa-strategy-for-stem-2020-23-508
Submitted statewide augmentation proposal for Years 2 – 4 (2021-2022 through 2023-2024): MnSGC_2021-2024_Augmentation_submitted_fall_2020
Template for 6-month report (NEW – due Dec. 7, 2020): FY2020_Year-1_Mid-Year_Assessment_template
NASA media-release for adults: NASA_Adult_Media_Release_Form
NASA media-release form for minors: NASA_Media_Release_Parent_and_Minor
ND Space Grant slides about remote/synchronous teacher workshop with Sphero robotics: ND_SG_Virtual_Sphero_Teacher_Workshop
AZ Space Grant slides about holding a remote/synchronous student research symposium: AZ_SG_Virtual_Student_Symposium
CO Space Grant slides about holding a remote/asynchronous workshop about ballooning: CO_SG_ballooning_virtual_workshop
Single-slide updates from affiliates, listed alphabetically (note: information about student competitions is posted at the bottom of this page):
James notes about student competitions (circulated after the meeting): Student_competition_notes
Slides about student competitions, in the order in which they are listed on the agenda:
National NASA student challenges – mentioned but not all slides shown during the meeting: