Dr. Carl Isaacson

Carl Isaacson has been the Affiliate Director of the MnSGC at Bemidji State University since 2014 and works in the Center of Environmental, Economic, Earth, and Space Studies at Bemidji State University. He is a chemist whose primary research interest is improving water quality. Over his career he has worked on both organic and inorganic environmental contaminants from both a chemical and toxicological perspective. He teaches classes including environmental toxicology, environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, waste water treatment, and introductory-level environmental science. He is currently working on projects to determine the effect surface water sulfate concentration has on mercury methylation potential and to determine effects of anthropogenic surface water inputs on yellow perch development. He has also recently submitted proposals to work on remote sensing techniques to determine sources of water impairments and the success of amphipod stocking in wetlands across Northern Minnesota. He is also involved in outreach supported by the MN Space Grant, such as Bemidji State University’s “Share the Future” event, an outreach activity aimed at Northern Minnesota middle school students. He is active in the community, such as being a member of the Turtle River Watershed Association.