Prof. Erick Agrimson

Professor Erick Agrimson, M.S., uses high-altitude weather balloons (HABs) as a delivery method to send up payload boxes with varied instrumentation to study the stratosphere. As a part of physics department at St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, his team of collaborative undergraduate researchers select HAB-related projects to work on.

A current item of interest is the investigations into the Regener- Pfotzer Maximum (the R-P Max) — a region of increased radiation counts in the stratosphere.

Agrimson holds a B.S. (with a concentration in space physics) from Augsburg University, an M.S. from the University of Iowa, and has completed advanced coursework toward a Ph.D. in plasma physics.

He has served as affiliate director for St. Catherine University’s portion of the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium since 2013. Professor Erick Agrimson also works with 4-H youth around the state, particularly in aerospace projects, having supervised over 500 rocket launches in nearly 25 years of adult leadership, and overlapping ten years in his role as affiliate director of Minnesota Space Grant.