Prof. Eric Kuha

Professor Eric Kuha, M.S., is an instructor of Information Technology at Leech Lake Tribal College in Cass Lake, Minnesota. He teaches by giving his students firsthand experiences by using a hands-on approach to learning with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Professor Kuhn first studied at Bemidji State University where he earned his bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and writing and a master’s degree in English. In the spring of 2020, he completed a three-year Master of Computer Science program at the University of Minnesota.

At Leech Lake Tribal College, his students’ work is generally tech-related. For the rocket team, he coordinates and directs the construction of their electronic instrumentation, such as the altimeters, cameras, explosive charges, and other sensors.

Over the years, they’ve made a number of hands-on adjustments to their rockets’ designs. For example, the rocket team at LLTC made use of a weather sensor array in their first few rockets that was built from scratch. More recently, their rockets have been making use of a 3D-printed nosecone so that they can socket a camera in the nose. The LLTC rocket team is the only team out of their competition to use a forward-facing camera which affords some pretty spectacular footage on the way down.