Jordan Bartlett

Jordan is currently working for the Minnesota Space Grant High-Altitude Ballooning Team. Through the team, she has worked on a project designing and testing a device to simulate the launch of CubeSats in a ballooning environment. The CubeSats remain attached to the ballooning stack but are “deployed” from a mock P-POD to expose them to the near-space environment once the balloon reaches the stratosphere. This can be a useful tool for testing CubeSats prior to their launch into space. Jordan has also worked on expanding the Python code used by the team for predicting the flights and landings of balloons. This code allows the team to enter a number of parameters in order to create a customized simulation for the balloon flight the team expects to have. In addition, Jordan is working on implementing new radios into the ballooning payloads that will allow for longer distance and more reliable communications from the ground. Jordan has done a number of outreach activities through the MN Space Grant, sharing her passion for physics with children from schools in the metro area.

Jordan is a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who is pursuing a major in astrophysics and a minor in English. She is a member of the Simulations sub-team on the Rocket Team, volunteers with the ballooning team during the year, and was a TA for ASTR 1001 (an introductory astrophysics class) in the fall of 2018. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Jordan plans to go on to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in astrophysics.