Gabe Holum

Gabe Holum is a senior physics and mathematics double major at Concordia College and is from Grand Rapids, MN. He is also the president of Concordia College’s Society of Physics Students chapter. During the summer of 2020, Gabe was involved in a project on machine learning. In collaboration with Dr. Luiz Manzoni, he studied the literature and investigated the applications of machine learning to physics. In the summer of 2021, under the direction of Dr. Prisca Cushman, he is working on a project regarding detector calibration for the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. This year (2021-2022) he is serving as the TA for the MnSGC’s GLEAM Lunar Robotics intercollegiate challenge. After undergraduate studies, he plans on attending graduate school in either physics or aerospace engineering. He hopes to eventually work on rockets or satellites.