Elise Linna

Elise Linna graduated from Augsburg University in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics. During her time at Augsburg, Elise participated in various research opportunities and teaching assistantships thanks to the NASA Space Grant. These opportunities included research on Graphene Oxide, assisting in a modern physics lab, and leading a group of first year college students in a high-powered rocket launch. After graduation Elise secured employment as a project manager at Open Systems International where she develops, delivers, and integrates software products for their customers to run the electrical grid. Her various experiences in research, project management, and teaching equipped her with the skills to lead a team of technical experts on a project for a Fortune 100 company. “I believe that my success can be directly tied back to the opportunities I seized through the NASA Space Grant as these experiences have knocked down communication barriers on technical topics and enhanced my leadership qualities in a robust and well-rounded manner.”