Akshay Naik

Akshay began participating at the U of MN – Twin Cities as a PSEO student working on projects in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department at the University of Minnesota, especially the MnSGC’s High-Altitude Ballooning Lab and the Small Satellite (CubeSate) Lab. Akshay is passionate about satellite propulsion and energy efficiency via renewable sources like solar panels. Akshay originally worked on a project to develop a mathematical model of the relationship between the power produced by a solar cell and the altitude of a solar cell from the ground up into the stratosphere. Akshay presented his High Altitude Ballooning research at the U of MN’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (Summer 2017, Spring 2018) and the Minnesota Academy of Science (Spring 2018), where he was the recipient of the Best In Session Award. Akshay’s solar panel project results were presented at the Academic High-Altitude (Ballooning) Conference (AHAC 2018) in Omaha, NE, in October 2018.

Akshay recently graduated from from Eastview High School in Apple Valley and is now attending the U of MN – Twin Cities.