Akshay Naik

Akshay is a PSEO student working on projects in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department at the University of Minnesota, especially the MnSGC’s High-Altitude Ballooning Lab and the Small Satellite (CubeSate) Lab. Akshay is passionate about satellite propulsion and energy efficiency via renewable sources like solar panels. Akshay is currently working on a project to develop a mathematical model of the relationship between the power produced by a solar cell and the altitude of a solar cell from the ground up to the stratosphere. He is also the President of the Humanitarian Development Initiative (HDI), a project-oriented organization that has successfully developed a structured science camp for elementary school, an annual symposium on various topics facing high school students, and various other community-centered projects.

Akshay presented his High Altitude Ballooning research at the U of MN’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (Summer 2017, Spring 2018) and the Minnesota Academy of Science (Spring 2018), where he was the recipient of the Best In Session Award. Akshay is also pursuing a high school diploma from Eastview High School in Apple Valley.

Akshay’s solar panel project results were presented at the Academic High-Altitude (Ballooning) Conference (AHAC 2018) in Omaha, NE, in October 2018.