Prof. Erick Agrimson

Professor Erick Agrimson uses high altitude weather balloons (HABs) as a delivery method to send up payload boxes with varied instrumentation to study the stratosphere. As a part of physics department at St. Catherine University, a team of collaborative undergraduate researchers select HAB related projects to work on. A current item of interest is the […]

Bailey Klause

Bailey Klause is from Redwood Falls, MN, and she is a physics major with chemistry and math minors at Concordia College. Bailey, in collaboration with Dr. Thelma Berquó, Andrew Middendorf and Dr. Graeme Wyllie, worked on a project synthesizing samples of α-FeOOH (goethite) doped with Al, Ni and Cr during the summer of 2019. Bailey […]

Freja Olsen

Freja Olsen is from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and is currently a senior physics major at Carleton College. Freja, in collaboration with Adam Ickler and Dr. Ryan Terrien, worked on a project to refine techniques for the measurement of atomic absorption lines in the spectra of low-mass stars during summer 2020. She led the development […]

Prof. Eric Kuha

Professor Eric Kuha is the instructor of Information Technology at Leech Lake Tribal College. Eric Kuha teaches by giving his students firsthand experiences by using a hands-on approach to learning with the use of cutting-edge technology. He first studied at Bemidji State University where he earned his bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and writing and a […]

Dr. Ryan Terrien

Ryan Terrien is an assistant professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Carleton College. He works on instrumentation and techniques for high-precision Doppler spectroscopy and exoplanet detection, including the Habitable Zone Planet Finder (HPF) and NEID spectrographs. He also studies the spectroscopic characterization of low-mass stars. His current collaborations with students involve the analysis […]

Kyle Fraser-Mines

Kyle Fraser-Mines is a senior physics major at Carleton College and is from Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. During the summer of 2020, she worked with Dr. Cindy Blaha on a project to determine the luminosity functions of HII regions in galaxies and dwarf galaxies in the local group. She also created stacked emission line images for these […]

Dr. Cindy Blaha

Cindy Blaha is the George H. and Marjorie F. Dixon Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Carleton College.  She obtained her B.S. and Ph.D. in physics and astrophysics at the University of Minnesota and has been teaching and doing research with students at Carleton since 1987.  Her astrophysics research centers on a galaxy-wide census of […]

MnDOT Runs Aerospace Teacher Workshops

The MN Space Grant program allowed the Minnesota Department of Transportation – Office of Aeronautics to offer teachers, grades K-12, a chance to learn how to incorporate aviation and aerospace into their classrooms. The Aerospace Teacher Workshop was held for four days during the month of June.  Teachers from around the state have participated in […]

Comet NEOWISE makes its closest approach to Earth

Comet NEOWISE passed closest to the Sun on July 3 and will pass closest to the Earth on July 23. It is the brightest comet visible from Minnesota in over 10 years. It should be easy to spot (under reasonably dark-sky conditions) at least through the duration of July, and probably beyond that, as it […]